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Sub: Cadre Restructuring of Group ’C’ employees in Department of Posts.

D.G. Post letter No. 25-04/2012-PE-I dated 27th May, 2016.

            The Cadre Restructuring of Group-C  employees of Department of Posts has been undertaken in consultation with Department of Expenditure , Ministry of Finance in pursuance of the approval concurrence of the Department  of Expenditure  vide ID No. 2(45)E.III Desk/2015 dated 12th May,2016 , a list at distribution of the posts containing the existing and revised posts  of Postal Assistants, Lower Selection  Grade, Higher Selection  Grade II & I and also a few HSG-I (Non-Functional Grade) is enclosed for implementation with the  following  instructions:

a)         The post of SPMs in Single  Handed  and Double Handed Post Offices  to the cadre of LSG posts (GP Rs.2800) shown in the  annexure now allotted to the Circle , will be placed in the Grade  Pay of Rs.2800/- in the Pay Band-I..
b)         The post of SPMs in Triple Handed Post Offices, in the extent of HSG-II  posts (GP4200) shown the annexure  now allotted  to the Circle and all other existing norms based LSG Posts in Post offices  will be placed in the Grade Pay of Rs.4200- in the Pay  Band-II. In no case, the total number of HSG-II posts shall exceed the number of posts allotted to the Circle.
C)        Existing  posts in HSG-II to the extent  of posts  now allotted  and shown in the annexure , will  be placed in the  Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- in the Pay  Band-II along with the existing  HSG-I Posts . Remaining HSG-II posts if any shall remain in the GP of Rs.4200 only. In no case, the total number of HSG-I posts shall exceed the number of posts allotted in the Circle.
d)         The Cadre Restructuring of these posts  are only in respect of the  posts from Postal Side  other  than the posts of RMS ., Circle and Regional Offices and SBCO Wings.
e)         If the revised number of posts is in excess of the existing strength of a particular grade the difference will be deemed as  newly sanctioned posts in that grade . Similarly, if the revised number of posts is in  a grade is less than the existing strength the number of posts equal to the difference  will be treated as having been  abolished in that grade.

 f)         The vacancies arising out of the restructuring will be filled up only from the amongst the official who fulfill the eligibility criteria  laid down in the recruitment rules  for the post.

g)         The new HSG-I (Non Functional  Grade)  with the grade  pay of Rs.4800/- is only  for those  who  are  senior  most  and completed  not less than a minimum service of 2 years  in HSG-I  subject to the  number of posts specified  for the Circle  in HSG-I (Non Functional  Grade) (for example  the number of NFG officials in AP Circle should never  exceed (17) after following usual procedure of non functional upgradation(s).

2.         These instructions will be effective from the date of issue of the orders. The actual benefit would however be admissible to the eligible officials from the date of actual promotion.

3.         Receipt of the order may be acknowledged. Immediate action initiated and compliance report sent at the earliest.
                                                                                                (Tarun Mittal)
                                                            Assistant Director General (PE-II)

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Impact of Cadre Restructuring in Post Offices......

1. All Posts of SPMs in single and double handed Post Offices will be Upgraded to 2800/- Grade Pay.

(Out of which 1/3rd Offices will be named for Grade I officials .  Hereafter Grade I Officials have to man Single or Double handed Post Offices Only )

( The Number of Posts for PM Grade I in a Division shall remain the same or may add one or two Posts with reference to the number of single and double handed POs in the Division )

   a. Officials who have obtained MACP I will have to man the remaining 2/3rd SOs .

   b . Selected Offices will be Manned by PM grade I Officials


2. All Posts of SPMs in Triple Handed and LSG Post offices Including Grade I Post offices will be upgraded to 4200/- Grade Pay.

   a. Officials who have obtained MACP II will have to man the SOs

   b . Selected Post Offices will be Manned by Grade II Officials.

( The Number of PM grade II are likely to increase with the corresponding increase in the number of Triple handed and LSG Post offices . 1/3rd of selected Post offices will be upgraded to Grade II )

( The Present PM Grade I offices will be identified for 4200/- grade pay and out of the selected post offices upgraded to 4200/- grade pay , 1/3rd posts should be allotted to PM Grade II )

( At present there are only 52 grade II offices in the circle and after implementation of Cadre Review , the number of Grade II post offices likely to increase nearly to 201 )

3.  There will be no change in the number of Postmaster Grade III in the Circle.


At Present the all the cadres in Post offices including the Postmaster cadre , the Promotion structure has lot of bottle necks .

The number of promotion posts is very lesser than its feeder posts.

eg Postmaster Grade III is 50 
    Postmaster Grade II   is 52
    Postmaster Grade I    is 253

This bottle neck is now being removed after cadre restructuring in the Postmaster cadre and the Promotional aspect becomes pyramid in shape...


PM grade III           -   50
PM Grade II            -  201 
PM Grade I             -  253
Piramid photos க்கான பட முடிவு
Pyramid shape to Promotion


There will be 3 to 4 list of rotational transfers in every Division..

1. Transfer for PA cadre
2. Transfer for SPM under Grade Pay 2800/-
3. Transfer for Postmaster Cadre I, II

4. Transfer for HSG I & II after merger.

Identified Vacancies for Postal Assistants..

1.  On Implementation , officials with 2400/- grade pay will alone be posted as Postal Assistants in POs, DO, RO , CO etc

2.  Officials 4200/- have to man the Post of SPMs, APM, ASPMs etc.

3. The review provides way for officials with higher Pay to man and share higher Posts and responsibilities.

4. Hereafter Officials with Grade pay 2800/- and above cannot work as Postal Assistants..

Friday, 20 May 2016

All India and Circle Union has been addressed for implementation of One Time Relaxation to Postmaster Cadre 


Request for Implementation of One Time relaxation to Postmaster Cadre after Cadre Restructuring Process.. reg

National Federation of Postal Employees

  Coimbatore Division  TN                         

Official email of All India Postal Employees Union ( Group - C ) Coimbatore. 

Dear Comrade ,

This is to kindly intimate that the Postmaster Cadre has been provided with One Time 

relaxation for filling up all the vacant Post recently. 

Now it is understood that the long awaited Cadre Review for Group C has been 

approved by Finance ministry and is being Implemented shortly.

In this context , it is requested that the One Time Relaxation for Postmaster Cadre may 

be asked to be considered after implementation of Cadre Review process so that the 

Number of Vacancies in Postmaster Grade III , II , and I   will have a considerable 


The Single and double handed Post Offices are going to be placed under  2800/- grade 

Pay and 1/3rd of the offices are to be identified for Postmaster Grade I

similarly the Triple handed post offices and LSG ( PM grade-I) offices are to be placed 

under 4200/- grade pay and 1/3rd of such offices are to be identified for Postmaster 

Grade II.

This process will enhance the number of offices for the cadre and provide enormous 

opportunity for promotion under One Time Relaxation granted to the Cadre.

It is kindly requested to look into the issue and the authorities may kindly be contacted 

in this regard for betterment of the Postmaster Cadre.

thank you comrade ,

D. Ebenezer Gandhi ..                                                                                                               Divisional Secretary , Coimbatore TN
Cadre Restructuring Proposal 
Group -C 
Ministry of Finance

Atlast Cadre Restructuring Proposal approved by the Finance Ministry - 

Reliably informed by Member(P) to our Secretary General

A Good News - Pl  inform all 

It has been informed by Shri Ashutosh Tripathi, Member(P), Postal Services Board , Department of Posts that Cadre Restructuring Proposal which was agreed and finalized by the Department of Posts  after several  rounds of discussions with Unions has been  approved by the Finance Ministry and it  will be implemented soon.
        This is one of the great achievements of Unions as this has been done for the first time in Postal Department.
(R.N. Prashar)
Secretary General
      The Cadre Restructuring for Group -C Employees has been signed by the Ministry and forwarded to DOPT for Final Approval on 13.05.2015.

       It is expected that the proposal would be approved by DOPT after various formality checks and clearance from Department of Expenditure of Ministry of Finance.

The Salient features of the agreement are as follows :

1. Number of LSG posts will increase from 8 % to 22 %

2. Number of HSG II  posts will increase from 2 % to 12 %

3. Number of HSG I  posts will increase from 1.5 % to 4 %

4. After completion of 2 years in HSG I the official will be 

promoted to 4800 GP (Non-functional Basis)

5. The above proposal will be applicable to RMS, Circle 

Office and SBCO in the same ratio

6. Postman/Mail guard will get the same ratio of 


1. The Post of SPM in Single and Double Handed Post offices will be placed under 2800/- Grade Pay ie All LSG and  I MACP officials would man the offices.

2. The Post of SPM in Triple Handed and LSG Post offices will be placed under 4200/- Grade Pay ie All present HSG II / MACP II officials would man the offices and Posts.

3. The Post of HSG I and HSG II would be merged and placed under Grade Pay of 4600/- and be granted 4800/- on non functional basis after 4 Years.

4. The Post of Existing Postmaster Cadre officials will be modified in light of the same on approval of the Cadre Restructuring...

        The Present Postmaster Grade -I Offices are likely to be placed under the Grade Pay of 4200/- 
        The Grade I Posts are likely to  get ungraded to Grade II , creating wide opportunity for the Postmaster Cadre Official to get promoted to Grade II and Placed within the same division.
        The Present Grade II offices are likely to be placed under 4600/- Grade Pay creating more number of offices for HSG I and II officials.
        The Norms of the Postmaster Grade III Offices would be modified so as to identify 1/3rd of the merged HSG I and II  for Postmaster Grade III.

Copy of the earlier agreement signed with Union

D. Ebenezar Gandhi.
Divisional Secretary

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

7th Pay Commission 
(Expected Recommendations of Implementation Committee )              
Minimum Pay to be          –   21000/-
( Union Demand 26000/-)
Postal Assistant Grade Pay – 2800/-
(Union Demand 4200/- )
Postmaster Grade I  fixed –  4200/-
(including LSG)
Postmaster Grade II fixed  – 4600/-
(including HSG II)
Postmaster Grade III fixed – 4800/-
(including HSG I)

Increment percentage -  3%
(Union Demand 5%)

Promotion on MACP and others
Increment on Promotion -  5%
          Allowances to be restored
1.Small Family Norms (PP)
2.Hill Allowance

Multiplication factor and pay fitment table as per revised Pay matrix………..
Multiplication factor -  3 times for
1800/- 1900/- 2000/- 
Multiplication factor – 3.05 times for
2400/- 2800/-
Mutiplication factor – 3.10 times for
4200/- 4600/-4800/- 5400/-
Multiplication factor – 3.15 times for other grades

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MOC requests to all Head of Circles and Training Centres...........




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List Of 12th Result 2016 Website


How To Check 12th Result 2016 In Online ?

Visit this page on the day of TN 12th results.

Click on the link provided above.

Enter registration number (exam no) and date of birth (DOB).

Submit and get the Tamil Nadu 12th result 2016.

Take print out or screenshot if needed.

Note: To check class 12 results, number and date of birth is required.

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congratulations images க்கான பட முடிவு

congratulations images க்கான பட முடிவு

Sri. B. Prakash (B-0135573) Postal Assistant, Tallakulam Head Post Office (under Madurai Division) Tamil Nadu Circle has declared successful in UPSC Examination 2015 with All India Rank 906.

NFPE, COIMBATORE DIVISION congratulate to the candidate and wish him best  of luck in future.