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1.       Number of Postal Articles
a.       10 TYPES
2.       First class mails
a.       Pc , ilc, letters
3.       Maximum weights
a.       Letter – 2 kg , book packet – 5 kg , printed book – 5 kg , sample packet – 2 kg
4.       Compulsory insurance
a.       Articles value 500 or more upto 5000/- (except articles with no intrinsic values )
5.       Maximum weight for Speed , Business Parcels
a.       35 kg
6.       What is IPS
a.       International Postal System
7.       Infringement of conditions
a.       Postcard will be treated as letter and single deficiency
b.      Book packet will be treated as parcel and single deficiency
8.       Over sized and over weight letter / parcles
a.       Will not be transmitted and will be returned to sender
9.       Speed Post Containing Passports to be delivered
a.       To the Addressee only or to his authorized person by letter
10.   Expand COD
a.       Cash on Delivery
11.   COD cash will be remitted thro
a.       Automatically on delivery in Postman module
12.   Maximum length of letters and parcels
a.       90 CM
13.   Insurance fee for first Rs 200/- and additional Rs 100/- or part thereof
a.       Rs 10/- and Rs 6/- per Rs 100/-
14.   Payment of VPMO should be same office of booking
a.       No , Payment may be made in another office within the same town
15.   ePost service is a substitution for
a.       Telegram Service
16.   MTCM numbers
a.       WUMT – 10 digit ,IMO – 16 digit , MMRS – 6 digit
17.   Commission for MMRS
18.   Limits of Money Remittance for IMO , EMO , MMRS
19.   Claim in SB Account with Nomination to be settled in – 7 Days
20.   In which Type of Account the Nominee becomes the Operator if depositor Dies
a.       SCSS account
21.   Who can be a natural guardian for a minor without Parents
a.       Blood related relatives. Or Care taker appointed by court
22.   Who cannot open a SCSS Account
a.       Below age of 60 other than those who retired from service
23.   Automatic transfer
a.       MIS ->SB->RD
24.   RD Automatic transfer will run on
a.       15th of every month
25.   BPM can sanction SB withdrawal up to
a.       10000/-
26.   Expand KYC
a.       Know your Customer
27.   Expand PAN
a.       Permanent Account Number
28.   PO Address proof card fees
a.       Application 20/- card fee Rs 250/-  = total  270/-
29.   Who is the appointing authority for
a.       GDS MD – ASP / IP
b.      GDS BPM- SSPO/ SP
c.       PA – SSP/SP
d.      MTS – SSP/SP
e.      Postman-SSP/SP
30.   How many times rule 38 transfer can be availed
a.       2 times in the entire service
31.   RD Account opened before 15th of every month should be paid on or before
a.       15th of the next month
32.   TD account closed on or after 6 months should be paid with
a.       SB rate of interest
33.   Maximum deposit that can be allowed in PPF account in a Year
a.       150000/-
34.   Tolerance Limit for Registered Articles in delivery
a.       5 %
35.   D bag means
a.       Bag containing mails and registered bag with or without parcel list
36.   Due mail and sorting list is prepared by
a.       SRM in case PO and RMS is connected and SP/SSP in case between Post offices
37.   Instructions register is used
a.       To record instructions from Public
38.   Complaints and suggestion book is available
a.       At All Pos and Admin offices
39.   Bag Balance report is to be submitted to
a.       DBO – District Bag Office
40.   SMR to be submitted
a.       By SPM from SO to HO before 5th of every month
41.   Daily account should be signed both by
a.       SPM and Treasurer
42.   Limit for claims settlement for SB accounts
a.       Time scale spm – 2000 , LSG spm – 5000/-
43.   Sanctioning limit for certificates with nomination
a.       NO limit for SPMS
44.   PAN Card is necessary for deposits
a.       50000/- and Above
45.   Source of Income and address verification is necessary for accounts
a.       Beyond 1000000/- lakhs
46.   Who cannot nominate
a.       Minor
47.   Cases where nomination is compulsory
a.       SCSS account
48.   Cases where nominee should be only the spouse
a.       SCSS account
49.   Form used for payment of IMO
a.       To receive payment
50.   Who is chairman of the Postal services board
a.       Director General of Posts..
51.   Rule 10 of ccs cca rules
a.       Suspension
52.   Who can suspend
a.       Appointing authority or an authority to which it is subordinate
53.   Time limit for settlement of claim cases with nomination
a.       7 days
54.   Citizen charter is to be prepared and exhibited according to the norms
a.       Department of Public grievances,
55.   How is pension sanctioned
a.       Last pay drawn or Average emoluments for last 10 months whichever is higher
56.   In case of death of depositor in Certificates whether fresh certificates should be issued
a.       No  - the Name in the existing certificates will be changed
57.   Certificates cannot be transferred between CBS and Non CBS offices
a.       Yes
58.   Which cannot be Redirected , emo , IMO
a.       IMO ( Redirection facility is not available
59.   How many scans are made for Speed Post received for Delivery
a.       2 ( on receipt and for delivery to postman )
60.   Parcels weight more than 20 kg and up to  35 kgcan be sent thro
a.       Speed Post
61.   Who cannot nominate
a.       Minor
62.   Commission of IPO
a.       1-10 Rs1/- and 1/- every Rs10/-
63.   IPO should be
a.       Date stamped and signed by postmaster
64.   What is CPIO
a.       Central Public Information Officer
65.   Who is the CPIO for a Postal Division
a.       SSP / SP
66.   Who is the appellate authority
a.       DPS
67.   Cost of RTI application
a.       Rs 10/-
68.   Whether there is any prescribed form for RTI
a.       No ..can be hand written on type written
69.   Any reasons to be given for RTI
a.       No not required
70.   Appeal to be placed
a.       Within 45 days
71.   Who cannot open a SB account
a.       A holder who has already an SB account in the same PO
72.   Where can be a SB account used for withdrawal in CBS
a.       Any CBS Po
73.   Yugal suraksha is a
a.       Joint life insurance policy
74.   Censure is not a penalty
75.   Official imprisoned for more than 48 hours will be deemed as
a.       Suspended
76.   Major penalty cannot be imposed without
a.       Inquiry
77.   Registration fee for book packet contained printed books value below Rs50/-
a.       Rs 2.50/-
78.   Flora and fauna is a
a.       Philatelic collection
79.   International philatelic Bureau is situated in
a.       Mumbai
80.   APPC
a.       Asian Pacific Postal College
81.   The Postal training academy is renamed is in
a.       Gaziabad
82.   UPU is in
a.       Berne , Switzerland
83.   Appointing authority for MMS Managers
a.       PMG MM
84.   Parcel if redirected
a.       Fee to be charged additional and equal to the Postage of the Parcel
85.   Speed Post Passport cannot be deliverd
a.       Other than the addressee and his authorized person
86.   Print to Post
a.       Is a business post service offered from printing to post
87.   ePost Message charge for Bulk
a.       Rs 5/-
88.   Pan Card is compulsory for
a.       Deposits more than 50000/-
89.   SCSS and PPF account can be transferred
a.       To any Bank from Po and Bank to PO
90.   Maximum limit for MIS joint
a.       9 lakhs
91.   TD accounts closed after 6 months will be
a.       Paid with SB interest.
92.   PMI is for
a.       2 years from the date of Maturity
93.   Minimum balance for cheque account
a.       Rs 500/-
94.   Form used to obtain cheque book
a.       Cheque – 4
95.   LOT for RD accounts should be prepared in
a.       Duplicate
96.   Backup is a process
a.       For Storing data at prescribed intervals
97.   HTTP
a.       Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
98.   FTP
a.       File transfer Protocol
99.   CD is a  
a.       Input and output device
100.                        My stamp is available at a Cost of
a.       Rs 300/-
101.                        MO payment made to pardanasin women
a.       Under proper witness
102.                        MO payment made to illiterate
a.       Under Proper witness
103.                        MO payment to leprosy patients
a.       To the manager / guardian
104.                        MO paid after 2 months of its issue
a.       Void MO
105.                        Void MO voucher after payment to be sent to
a.       Accounts section of the HO
106.                        Cheques crossed by specific account No
a.       Will be paid to the particular account No only
107.                        Validity of cheques
a.       Government 3 months , Private cheques 6 months
108.                        Cheques bearing Post date will be
a.       Rejected for postal Transactions.
109.                        Post restante articles are
a.       Articles addressed to Postmaster by Travellors
110.                        Parcel posted in letter box
a.       Compulsory registration and single deficiency
111.                        Foreign Parcels need to be
a.       Compulsorily registered
112.                        All foreign parcels should contain
a.       Declaration in form CN 23
113.                        Which is not a proper postman remark
a.       Inquiry
114.                        Disciplinary authority for Postmaster Cadre
a.       Regional DPS
115.                        Postage for Blind literature packets up to 7 kg
a.       Free
116.                        Registration fee for Blind literature packets
a.       Rs 17/-
117.                        Insurance fee for contents not having Intrinsic value
a.       Optional
118.                        Website of India post
119.                        Website of IMO
120.                        Speed post weighing 50 grams addressed to jammu from kanyakumari
a.       Rs 39/-
121.                        Website for ccc complaints
122.                        signature scanning image should be within
a.       25 kb
123.                        HO transit to be calculated by
a.       Postmaster personally
124.                        Supply of Stamps to HO
a.       Circle Stamp Depot
125.                        Types of due Bags
a.       D , L , TB , M , SP , R  and Parcel bag if specified
126.                        4 silos of project arrow
a.       Mails , Savings bank , Office Service Level , remittances
127.                        Ledger correction option is available in
a.       Sanchay post for supervisor
128.                        Fee for Duplicate Pass Book       
a.       10/-
129.                        Fee for recall of postal articles
a.       Rs 6/-
130.                        Fee for PO address proof card
a.       Application rs 20/- and fee Rs 250/-
131.                        Registered News Paper posted  under concessional tariff are to be registered
a.       RNI and Department of Post
132.                        Bill mail service is allowed for mails posted at regular intervals of not more than
a.       90 days
133.                        National Bill mail service can be availed for atleast
a.       10000 mails at a time
134.                        Fee for NBMS
a.       Rs 3/- and additional Rs 1.60 for every 50 grams
135.                        Logistics post is based on
a.       Distance and weight
136.                        Additional Fee for Logistics other than for weight and distance
a.       Documentation fee Rs 100/- per consignment
137.                        Incharge of a RMS sorting (ordinary mails)
a.       Head Sorter
138.                        Incharge of CRC
a.       Head Sorter Registration
139.                        Head of RMS divisional unit
a.       Superintendent RMS
140.                        Head of Postal Sub division
a.       IP / ASP sub division
141.                        Location of Data centre for India post
a.       PTC Mysore campus
142.                        Number of Postal Circles
a.       22
143.                        Andaman & nicobar islands belong to
a.       North eastern region under Bengal circle
144.                        Who can suspend a Postal Assistant
a.       Sr Supt / Superintendent of the Postal Division
145.                        Official Suspended have a right to
a.       Subsistence allowance
146.                        RD account which cannot be transferred
a.       Discontinued , Matured , account under claim
147.                        Maximum number of Joint holders in a account
a.       3
148.                        Maximum number of nominees
a.       3
149.                        Insured articles should contain atleast
a.       7 seals with private marks
150.                        Insured bag should be closed in the presence of
a.       Postmaster
151.                        Account bag at HO to be opened by
a.       Treasurer
152.                        Account bag at SO to be opened by        
a.       Sub account PA in the presence of Postmaster
153.                        HO summary is prepared by
a.       Treasurer
154.                        SO summary is prepared by
a.       Sub account assistant at HO
155.                        BO summary is prepared by
a.       Sub account assistant at SO
156.                        BO daily account is prepared by
a.       BPM of the BO
157.                        SO account is a summary of
a.       Daily transactions of SO and BO and maintained at SO
158.                        Office order book relates to
a.       Orders and direction of Postmaster for his office
159.                        Order book relates to
a.       IR and VR reports of the inspection officials
160.                        Book of postmarks contains
a.       Impression of all changeable seals of a Post office
161.                        Year Types seals are changed
a.       Once in a year and older year types are returned to HOs
162.                        PSD is for
a.       Supply of forms and stationeries
163.                        ACG – 67 receipt book is used for
a.       Unclassified receipts of a office
164.                        SB 26 is
a.       A Receipt book in triplicate used for SB accounts in SO
165.                        SB 28 is
a.       A receipt book for Pass books obtained from Depositors
166.                        MS 87 a
a.       Is a receipt book maintained at Bo for MOs booked at BO
167.                        Pli -2
a.       Receipt book for RPLI receipts at BOs
168.                        BO journal is a book at
a.       BO written by BPM every day on the receipts and dispatches of a BO bag
169.                        Limit of cash remittance by PA
a.       Rs 100000/-
170.                        WUMT transactions are
a.       12 per year per person and not exceeding 2500 dollars per remittance
171.                        Standard Age proof is required for
a.       RPLI Medical Proposals more than RS 25000/-
172.                        Bonus for EA insurance for PLI
a.       Rs 60/- per 1000 per year
173.                        Account bag from HO to SO contains
a.       SO slip , cash bag with or without cash
174.                        Account bag from SO to HO contains
a.       SO daily account cash bag with or without cash
175.                        SO daily account to be signed by
a.       Both the treasurer and the SPM
176.                        ECM memo is prepared
a.       By SPM if cash balance exceeds the maximum and contains details of liabilities
177.                        Penalty for beach of condition of Postcard
a.       Treated as letter and single deficiency is charged
178.                        Appointing authority for BPM
a.       Sr/Superintendent of Post offices
179.                        MTS means
a.       Multi tasking staff
180.                        SB , RD journals are records
a.       Maintained at BO for SB and RD transactions
181.                        The limit for cash remittance is called
a.       Line limit
182.                        Loss of Mail bags to be reported
a.       To the Divisional head , dispatching office by telegram
183.                        High way robbery of mails to be reported
a.       To the divisional head , dispatching office and to the police authority
184.                        Articles received in open conditions
a.       To be delivered thro window and list of contents (inventory to be made and signed by both the SPM and Addressee
185.                        BAT and DLT is to be
a.       Written by PA and initialled by SPM /Supervisor
186.                        IBB means
a.       Interest bearing balance ie least balance at close of 10th and end of the month for SB accounts
187.                        Partwithdrawal is allowed for
a.       Once in RD account after twelwe months subject  to maximum of 50% of the balance
188.                        PMC for RD accounts
a.       After 36 months or at the end of the advance deposit made in the account
189.                        Refused VP articles returned should be treated as
a.       Registered articles
190.                        All registered articles are to be sent
a.       2 days by postman
191.                        Maximum number of TD accounts that can be opened
a.       No limit
192.                        Training Centre for maharastra circle
a.       PTC vadodara
193.                        Training centre for kerala , Karnataka and andrapradesh
a.       PTC mysore
194.                        Speed post bar code sticker contains
a.       13 digits
195.                        Fees for Post box facility              
a.       275/-
196.                        Article addressed to Post box will be delivered to
a.       The post box only
197.                        Speed post addressed to Post box
a.       Will be delivered after ascertaining the addressee at the office of delivery
198.                        Press packets are dealt with
a.       At Press sorting office
199.                        Printed books should not contain
a.       Advertisement
200.                        Periodicals means
a.       Posted atleast once in 31 days
201.                        Maturity value 20000/- and above to be paid
a.       By cheque only
202.                        All claim payment to be made by
a.       Cheque only
203.                        Salaries paid to employees fall under the head
a.       Bills paid
204.                        UCR is
a.       Unclassified receipts at an office
205.                        Currency found in letter box
a.       Error entry and credited under ucr
206.                        Stamps found in letter box
a.       Pasted and defaced in error book
207.                        Sheets of stamps found in letter box
a.       Error book and brought into account
208.                        Articles marked registered found in letter box fully paid
a.       Error book and registered at office
209.                        HSG I Postmaster can grant EL up to
a.       3 days on anticipation of Orders of the appointing authority
210.                        LND means
a.       Leave not due
211.                        Articles unpaid addressed to high level dignatories and officers are
a.       Treated as refused and returned to sender
212.                        Articles posted without either of the address
a.       Sent to RLO
213.                        Articles addressed in other than the regional language and English
a.       Sent to transcription centre
214.                        Articles addressed in other than the Indian language and English
a.       Try RLO and Returned to sender
215.                        World net express is a joint venture by
a.       India post and Deutsche post
216.                        EMS
a.       Express Mail Service
217.                        RMS operating in trains are called
a.       Sections
218.                        Group operating in RMS in a Shift are called
a.       Set
219.                        RMS dealing with Registered Aricles
a.       CRC
220.                        International payments of a Circle or Inbound Office Of exchange is dealt with
a.       Foreign Post
221.                        International Agreements on Mails and Postal are dealt by
a.       DDG IR ( international Relations )
222.                        What is IOE and OOE
a.       IOE – Inbound office of exchange OOE- outbound office of exchange
223.                        Speed Post articles are called as
a.       Item
224.                        Speed Post barcode numbers are called as
a.       Item identifier
225.                        In International Postal System ( IPS )Speed Post Bags are called as
a.       Receptacles
226.                        The details of Dispatches are called
a.       Dispatch notes
227.                        Savings documents will be processed at
a.       Circle Processing centres
228.                        PLI and RPLI now will be dealt at
a.       HOs and work as CPCs
229.                        Name of the PLI and RPLI software
a.       Meca mish
230.                        Name of the CBS software
a.       Finacle developed by infosys
231.                        Cluster of details of a Operating software is called as
a.       Database
232.                        The Operating software will work only a
a.       Plat Form ie Windows / Oracle  etc
233.                        Windows /Oracle / unix are called as
a.       Operating system
234.                        The Term used to identify the working of OS is called as
a.       Set of Programs
235.                        RAM
a.       Random Access Memory
236.                        ROM
a.       Read Only Memory
237.                        WWW
a.       World wide Web
238.                        Two types of Ports available in Computer for its accessories
a.       COM , USB
239.                        What is 3 g
a.       Third generation Programs
240.                        What is USP
a.       Unique Service Properties
241.                        DTP
a.       Data transfer Protocol
242.                        EDP
a.       Electronic Data Processing
243.                        Minimum Qualification for SB aptitude test for grant of SB incentive
a.       1 Year.
244.                        Minimum qualification for IP/ PM grade I exam
a.       5 years
245.                        Minimum qualifying service for consideration to Promotion of LSG
a.       5 Years in PA Cadre
246.                        What is CMAB
a.       Consolidated maximum of authorised balance  (SO and BO together )
b.      MAB – Memo of authorized balance of cash and stamps for a Post Office
247.                        MO issue and paid returns are prepared for
a.       Two Periods I and II every month
248.                        Options for payment of maturity value of Savings Accounts
a.       SB credit and crossed Cheques
249.                        Notice of Hours of Business
a.       A documents specifying the working hours of Post office and its counter
250.                        What is server
a.       The Main System which provides  and serves to the client system for software
251.                        What is Client
a.       Is a System under the network of a server used for operating the Softwares
252.                        Storage devices
a.       Drives in System , CD , DVD , Pendrives  and other external Hard Disks
253.                        Backup
a.       A storage of data upto a specific time , day as a safety for Datas
254.                        Who receives and allocates cheques in treasury module
a.       Treasury Supervisor
255.                        Who shall adjust the VP booked at counter for data received from Postman module
a.       POS postal assistant
256.                        Day end is not possible  if
a.       Postman accounts are not submitted
257.                        Accounts MIS
a.       A consolidation of the accounts of a day extracted from the Post office to the MIS Dashboard daily
258.                        BSNL cheques received thro epayment and remitted should be cleard
a.       On the same day
259.                        Whether joint account can be availed in a pension account
a.       Yes
260.                        SB Account for which subsequent deposits are prohibited
a.       Pension Accounts in SB
261.                        Maximum Graduity payable to a retiring employee
a.       161/2 months of pay
262.                        Contribution to NPS
a.       10 percent of basic of employees from 01.04.2014
263.                        MOs addressed to addressee residing in hotels will be paid
a.       To the addressee with the witness of the manager
264.                        Limits for SCss accounts
a.       15 lakhs
265.                        Registered Post addressed to Deceased
a.       Can be delivered to the near relatives on application and proper identification
266.                        How many articles form a station bundle
a.       15 or more
267.                        How many article for a foreign bundle
a.       7 or more
268.                        Station Mail bag can be closed if there are
a.       500 or more articles addressed to the same post office
269.                        PA-17
a.       Subpostmaters monthly report
270.                        SB _7
a.       Withdrawal form
271.                        Form A
a.       Application for Opening an account except Scss
272.                        SB 7a
a.       Closure application
273.                        Est- 2
a.       Prepared every 3 years to identify the establishment revision 
274.                        Children education allowance
a.       Granted on application for 2 children for a maximum of Rs 18000/- per year per child
275.                        LTC can be availed
a.       1 all india and 2 home town
276.                        Joining time
a.       Distance beyond 200 kms 12 days
b.      Distance beyond 500 kms 15 days
c.       Distance within in the same town – no joining time
277.                        Class of travel
a.       2400 grade pay to 2800 /- Ac iii tier
b.      4200/- grade Pay II Ac
278.                        Recent Project released by India Post
a.       India post Project 2012
279.                        Recent mail memorandum released
a.       Standardization of mails